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An In-Depth Look at the (Very Brief) History of Matt LaFleur

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MessagePosté le: Jeu Nov 08, 2018 8:55 am    Sujet du message: An In-Depth Look at the (Very Brief) History of Matt LaFleur Répondre en citant

The Tennessee Titans hired Matt LaFleur as Offensive Coordinator after he spent last season with the Los Angeles Rams in the same position.Well Jayon Brown Jersey , not exactly the same position... LaFleur held the same title in LA, but he wasn’t calling the shots. It was ultimately head coach Sean McVay’s offense that LaFleur was helping to run.LaFleur has never called plays in a regular season NFL game. He was the playcaller at Ashland University in 2007, but that was over a decade ago.However, Sean McVay gave LaFleur the exciting opportunity to call plays during certain moments of the 2017 preseason. LaFleur called the entirety of the Rams’ August 19th matchup with the Oakland Raiders, as well as the second half of the final preseason game against the Green Bay Packers.So, taken with a few extra helpings of salt, let’s see if we can learn anything about Matt LaFleur from looking at these games, broken down drive-by-drive.August 19: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland RaidersDrive 1: 8 plays, 85 yards, TD in 4:46The Rams got off to a hot start. With a good mix of zone handoffs and easy-access passes for Jared Goff, the Rams moved down the field efficiently. The offense capped off the drive with a beautiful play-action play that resulted in Goff finding a wide open Cooper Kupp in the end zone. Jared Goff finds a wide open Cooper Kupp for Matt LaFleur’s first called touchdown (NFL Gamepass).Drive 2: 3 plays, 7 yards, Punt in 2:13The Rams’ second drive didn’t go quite as well as the first. Really the drive was derailed by Khalil Mack’s sack on 2nd-and-5, a somewhat-famous play in which the Rams attempted to block Mack with a pair of rookie tight ends. Goff dumped the ball off to Todd Gurley on 3rd-and-15, who came up three yards short of the first down.Drive 3: 8 plays, 41 yards, Touchdown in 3:25The Rams’ third drive was another success. Using a heavy dose of shotgun passes, the Rams quickly marched to the two-yard line before Gurley punched through into the end zone.Drive 4: 15 plays, 58 yards, Field Goal in 8:57On the Rams’ fourth drive, they held the ball for nearly two-thirds of the second quarter. Mixing shotgun passes with runs from under center, the Rams slowly plodded down the field. LaFleur repeated a similar type of play that had worked on the first drive. It was blown up for no gain on this attempt. The Rams tried a similar play earlier where they brought Robert Woods back across after faking a handoff to the opposite side. The play to Woods worked great; this time, however, the Raiders saw it coming (NFL Gamepass).The drive came to a halt at the Oakland 17-yard line after backup running back Malcolm Brown was taken down for a loss of three Authentic Josh Kline Jersey , followed by Jared Goff stepping out of bounds for one yard after being pursued towards the sideline, and finally a screen to Cooper Kupp for 3 yards on 3rd-and-12.Drive 5: 6 plays, 13 yards, Punt in 2:50The Rams actual fifth drive was a one-play hand-off before halftime, so we’ll skip that one and move on to the first drive of the second half, with LaFleur calling plays for backups.Sean Mannion picked up one first down with a quick-out throw for 5 yards, but the drive stalled after back-to-back incomplete passes on 2nd and 3rd down.Drive 6: 4 plays, 22 yards, Punt in 2:57The next drive opened with a nicely designed underneath dump-off to the H-back that went for a 13-yard gain. The Rams had to punt after failing to convert a 3rd-and-1 run.Drive 7: 5 plays, 16 yards, Punt in 3:47This drive got off to a pretty good start with a couple of handoffs picking up a first down. Then a ten-yard holding penalty set the offense behind the chains, and they weren’t able to make up the lost yards.Drive 8: 3 plays, 1 yard, Punt in 1:11It’s really hard to judge play-calling this deep into a meaningless preseason game. With backups, lack of game-planning, and a general commitment to withholding the “good stuff,” it’s hard to isolate Matt LaFleur’s abilities as a playcaller and fairly evaluate him.Drive 9: 13 plays, 80 yards, Touchdown in 5:19But that being said... the Rams took over possession trailing 21-17 with 6:30 to play, and they marched down the field, chewed up nearly the entire game clock, and scored the go-ahead touchdown to win the game.The possession mixed a handful of hand-offs in with a mostly quick passing attack to get down the field. The Rams only had to convert one third-down on a 13-play drive, which is quite impressive. However, that doesn’t include the one 4th-down they converted on a pretty nice route combination.On fourth down Youth Logan Ryan Jersey , the Rams run a double-in concept with the slot receiver clearing out with a 7 route. The “other” Michael Thomas makes the catch for the conversion.The go-ahead touchdown came on a 20-yard deep fade against single coverage on the next play.The Rams’ final possession was a one-play kneel-down.August 31: Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay PackersSean McVay called plays for the Rams in the first half of this game, and then turned the reigns over to LaFleur for the second half.The Packers received the second-half kickoff and proceeded to mount a nearly 12-minute drive, meaning the Rams didn’t gain possession until 3:42 remaining in the 3rd quarter.Drive 1: 3 Plays, 4 Yards, Punt in 1:44Our good pal Dan Orlovsky quarterbacked the Rams’ offense in this meaningless preseason contest.He opened things up with a short completion, but couldn’t connect with his target down the left sideline on 3rd-and-6 two plays later. The Rams punted.Drive 2: 9 Plays, 64 Yards, Touchdown in 5:39LaFleur’s second drive as a playcaller didn’t begin until the 4th quarter, with 12:23 to go in the game. A pair of inside handoffs moved the ball into Packers’ territory. A couple short-outs and another hand-off put the Rams at 1st-and-10 inside the 35-yard line.The drive was full of inside zone hand-offs, but sprinkled in were quick-drop pass plays from under center, similarly aligned to the plays that became inside zones. Not much play-action, mostly just alternating between inside zone and quick drop pass, usually to a speed-out in the flat. The defense’s inability to recognize pass or run from the formation led to the touchdown at the end of the drive.The Rams ran many plays in a row out of a similar formation and kept the defense off guard, leading to this touchdown.No one follows Johnny Mundt, a backup tight end trying to make the Rams roster, as he motions across the formation, expecting him to be a lead blocker for a run play. But he leaks out and Orlovsky finds him with space to run in for the touchdown.Drive 3: 4 Plays, 19 Yards, Punt in 1:00Orlovsky hit his running back out of the backfield for 12 yards on first down, but then the drive stalled after an incomplete attempt on 3rd and short.The final drive of the game consisted of two clock-killing handoffs. Analyzing the DataEven though it’s preseason, and all the caveats I described above (about backups getting significant playing time, about the full offense possibly not yet being installed, about teams not gameplanning for their opponents, and about teams trying not to give away all their secret plans) are in play Cheap Dion Lewis Jersey , I still think it’s worthwhile (or at least interesting) to break down LaFleur’s playcalling tendencies.Matt LaFleur Playcalling DataDistribution# of SnapsPercent of PlaysAverage Yards per PlayTotal Yards GainedDistribution# of SnapsPercent of PlaysAverage Yards per PlayTotal Yards GainedThe distribution of the second half Green Bay game was fairly even, with 9 passes to 10 runs (two of those coming with little to no time remaining). The Oakland results, however, were pretty heavily weighted towards the passing game.There were two plays called as passes that ended up not counting in the pass attempts, the Khalil Mack sack mentioned above and the play Jared Goff was forced to step out of bounds for a one yard gain. I included those as part of the pass count in the table above.What To ExpectSo based on all this information, what can we expect to see from LaFleur’s Titans on Sunday?Well, without getting into too many specifics, I expect to see a fairly balanced distribution between run and pass. A good dose of play-action and easy-access throws are likely, especially if Luke Falk gets heavy playing time. They’ll probably want to make life easy on the rookie by giving him plenty of defined reads, easy dump-offs and screens, and plenty of misdirection and play action to open up passing lanes.Mostly, the playcalls will be pretty simple in general. They want to see if the fringe roster guys are executing plays with proper technique when the live action begins. Are the wide receivers hitting their depths? Are the linemen staying low in their stance? Are the running backs reading the zone blocks in front of them?So while this data may give us a hint or two of what to expect from LaFleur, the truth is we won’t really know anything until we see this new offense in action. The good news is kickoff is (finally) right around the corner.What we learned from Luke Falk last night In case you live under a rock, 1) The Titans played some preseason football last night, where they lost to the Packers 31-17, 2) How are you even alive after living under a rock? That must be suffocating.While the Titans lost, it’s a preseason game, so there’s no harm done. One player I wanted to highlight is rookie 6th round pick Luke Falk, who is on a quest to become the Titans’ long term backup quarterback. He was 10/19 for 105 yards and a touchdown, and as the stats show, his accuracy was not real good.Let’s take a look at a few throws from Falk to help illustrate what I saw from him. The first is perhaps the worst throw I’ve seen from this preseason so far. Please direct your attention to the play below.I can’t believe what I’m mean, this pass is nowhere near Devin Ross. It’s bad enough that Ross burned his man and was missed by his quarterback, but “missed” is being generous. This is The Room of bad throws, a throw that’s so bad it’s actually transcended the traditional label of “bad throws” and has entered the realm of entertainingly bad. Let me put it this way; If this was thrown in a regular season game Brian Orakpo Jersey , it would’ve been the bad throw of a lifetime, a once in a generation awful throw.Anyway, the throw illustrates the lack of arm talent Falk has and has me doing the thousand yard stare, but thankfully his very next throw is a positive one.A good throw which means my eyes have been cleansed to an extent from the previous play., Falk displays very good patience as his route develops. In actual regular season action against better defenses, he’d get caught planting his feet and locking his eyes on the receiver, but at least the throw here to Deontay Burnett is pretty. Outside of this throw, however, Falk was wide of the mark. He missed a few shorter throws even though the receivers were clearly accuracy is a concern I had with Falk in college, and it was also a concern here. Granted, it’s preseason, but if Marcus Mariota goes down, the Titans are screwed. Blaine Gabbert is a terrible starter, and Falk is a 6th round prospect who is clearly flawed. Overall, there’s more throws out there to look at, but I just wanted to give a quick look into Falk’s performance. I kind of expected this from him, so there’s nothing to get mad at, but at the same time, Falk has to make improvements if he wants any chance at being the 2nd string quarterback.
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